Taking Care and Attention of 4wd Mag Wheels

Where the highest quality 4WD mag wheel packages are concerned, alloys are high on the list. Because these wheels are crafted mostly from aluminium, they are stronger and offer better braking and steering response than steelies do. Alloys can add style to your car, but they require significant maintenance in order to keep their like-new shine. Follow the below tips for alloy wheel upkeep.


Tools You’ll Need

Your aluminium alloy wheels need regular cleanings with running water, a soft rag, a wheel brush and a swab for inaccessible areas. A gentle wheel cleaner and polish would also be beneficial, but they should be suited to the finish of the wheels. Many alloys are coated with paint or a clear coat; if your wheels have an anodised finish, petroleum jelly is best.

Cleaning Your Alloy Wheels

You should clean your 4WD wheels on a mild day, but you shouldn’t do it in full sunlight. Begin by rinsing the wheels with running water, using a garden hose to reach the inside of the spokes. It’s vital that you rinse off as much dirt as possible, to avoid scratching the finish. Once you’re done rinsing the wheels, soak your cleaning rag in soapy water, giving each wheel a scrubbing. After each wheel is cleaned, rinse away the soap with warm water. Clean the insides of the spokes with the brush, rinsing again when finished. Use the swabs to remove any remaining dirt, and dry your wheels with a clean towel.

After-Wash Care: Polishing and Waxing

While some alloys need polishing, others need a good wax. The type of polish or wax you use depends on the finish of your mags. For instance, if your wheels are chrome-plated, you’ll need chrome polish. Polished aluminium wheels require an appropriate polishing compound, but painted or clear-coated wheels should be coated with a quality automotive wax. Anodised wheels don’t need polishing; in fact, a slight coating of petroleum jelly will do the trick.

4WD mag wheel packages can greatly enhance your vehicle’s appearance, and they can also change some of the handling, steering and braking characteristics of your car. By following the cleaning tips given above, you can bring back the shine on your wheels—or you can keep a new set looking that way.