Mag Wheels

The Importance of Maintaining Mag Wheels

Even if you’re new to the automotive world, chances are that you have come across the term mag wheels, at least once during your entire stint. If not, let me explain what mag wheels are. Mag wheels, or magnesium wheels, is an alloy wheel, consisting primarily of magnesium, which is lighter than conventional steel and hence lends numerous performance advantages over the latter.

Even though mag wheels are less popular now than they used to be, you could still find a set at a decent rate on the internet if you look carefully enough. Many online mag wheel retailers have a huge collection of mag wheels, and you just might find something you like in our collection.


Mag Wheels – A Lesson in History:

Magnesium wheels gained popularity in the professional racing circuit back in the early 80s due to its advantages over conventional steel rims. However, magnesium has one great drawback. It is highly combustible and burns hotter than steel, which makes it difficult to be put out in case of a fire.

Magnesium has since been replaced by aluminium, which is just as advantageous but is less combustible. As a result, they are the most popular form of alloy wheels in the present market. Magnesium is also brittle and less ductile than aluminium, which was the final nail in its coffin. However, even though magnesium was replaced by more suitable metals in the long run of the alloy wheels, the term mag wheels stuck on!

Getting Your Hands Dirty:

Mag wheels are prone to getting dirty and need proper maintenance in order to ensure a long and healthy lifespan. Here is a quick cleaning process that can ensure a longer lifespan for your mag wheels.

  • Rinse the mag wheels to remove any dirt and grease that might be stuck to the rim.
  • Take a soft sponge and remove any excess sand particles that might still be present.
  • Use a soft cleaning agent mixed with water and your sponge to apply it evenly on the surface of the wheel.
  • You can reach the difficult nooks and corners using an old toothbrush.
  • Use a hosepipe with a steady supply of clean, cold water to rinse the rims.
  • Use a soft, dry cloth and wipe the rim clean.
  • You can finally use a wax-based polish to leave the rims shiny and clean, until the next ride of course!

Get Ready to Loosen Your Purse Strings:

Modern perth rims can get scratched or bent by hitting curbs. Hence, care must be taken while driving. Always remember that repairing or replacing the mag wheels is a risky and costly procedure. Hence, you are better off without having to undergo all that hassle. Minor scratches can always be sanded, filled and painted to hide the undulations, but you might have to shell out a considerable sum in order to get the job done.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post and it helps to make a better informed decision when cleaning and maintaining your mags. Peace out!

Tips for Buying Oversized Mag Wheels

Oversized wheels are becoming increasingly popular, and you may be asking yourself if bigger is better. As always, when you’ve got a question about your car, there usually isn’t a simple answer—it’s dependent upon what you want out of a set of mag wheels.

Your mag wheels should be appropriately sized for your vehicle and the loads you carry. For example, the wheels on a commercial vehicle are larger because they typically carry heavy loads. If you just want big wheels for their looks—go for it—but you should remember that they’re heavier and they’ll raise your vehicle’s center of gravity.

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Lightweight Wheels Outperform Heavier Ones

For performance, lightweight mag wheels can’t be beat. The logic is simple: As they rotate, your wheels, due to inertia, want to continue going at a constant speed in a constant direction. The heavier your wheels, the more difficult they are to control. As a wheel’s diameter increases, its perimeter becomes heavier. The wheels get harder to steer, and shocks have to work harder to keep your car on the road.

Your Tyres Must Stay In Contact With The Road

Good road handling is attained by keeping the tyres’ contact patch on the road at all times. If your mag wheels bounce or if your tyres don’t remain on the road’s surface, your car will lose grip. It can be difficult to keep the rubber on the road at high speeds or on uneven roads.

The greater the weight to be handled by your vehicle’s suspension, the harder it has to work to keep your mag wheels Brisbane from bouncing. Sports car makers focus on minimizing unsprung weight in order to keep tyres on the road.

Get Lower Profile Tyres for Better Performance

The main performance advantage to larger wheels is that it allows you to fit tyre with stiffer, lower sidewalls without a change in ground clearance and wheel perimeter. Low-profile tyres keep more of the tread on the road than a flexible, high sidewall does. To an extent, the improved handling makes up for the disadvantages of using heavier, bigger wheels.

Big Wheels: They Need to be Light

Steel barrels become prohibitively heavy at approximately a 16″ diameter. For everyday use, cast mag wheels are a good option in sizes up to 20″. In performance applications, forged wheels are superior when sizes reach 18″. A forged wheel is much lighter than a cast wheel, as the construction process alters the metal’s molecular structure.

For increased performance, the most important factor is the weight of your mag wheels. Replacing standard wheels with an equivalently-sized alloy will gives you improved road handling and braking, with no decrease in ride quality. When plus sizing your wheels, your car will handle better—but you may see diminished comfort. While big wheels look better, you’ll have to choose carefully to see the benefits.